Yogi Chronicles

I've noticed that I don't write much about this "yogi" life of which I am 'bout! Well, let me sauté ON today.


 attended my first hatha yoga class in November 2011. Pure. Struggle. After the first downward dog, I thought "What did I sign up for?" I


that pose. My instructor, Joanna, said the poses that you hate the most are usually the ones you need. And that pose was the one I needed. My strength has always been, mainly, in my legs. But, now...

*kisses guns*

In September 2012, thanks to a suggestion from a classmate, I signed up for the power yoga (advanced) class. I was skeptical because I didn't want to feel as if I was getting ahead of myself. She saw how I was progressing in hatha and figured I could do it. Though my arms felt like noodles the first 3 weeks of the class, I was glad that I did sign up. 

As of today, I still attend those two classes...err week. 

In addition to feeling the results of the practice (better breathing, better posture, listening to the body, etc.) I've seen the results. 

Also, being 

able to hold poses I never thought I'd be able to do is dope, as well.

Not even a horrid Bears game in the background could break my concentration. Swank!

So yeah. My name is K.D.. I am a yogi. I'm 'bout dat life. And hope to be 'bout dat life until I'm 86 like one of my Saturday morning classmates.


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