10 months...

Tuesday, the 21st, marked 10 months since I start my loc journey. The onliest downside of my hair growing has been my face breaking out. So, I change my pillow case more often, use less oil in my hair and went back to using good ole Dr. Earles cleansing system. I'm too light (in the winter) to have acne scars, son. This had to be handled.

The upside is still and will always be being able to wear hats. Yes, I put satin scarf on before putting on the winter hat to protect my edges.


Ain't I a (black) woman?

Look at those two locs unraveled.

We baby drapin in these streets!

Happy 10 months to my babies.

K to the...

J-walking...or something.

Yogi chronicles: The divine in me smells the funk in you