J-walking...or something.

As someone who is a lover of fresh kicks, I didn't always have multiple pairs of shoes when growing up. I would get one pair of gym shoes every school year. I never asked my mom for a pair of Air Jordans because I knew damn well she wasn't paying more than $100 for some gym shoes. Plus, they didn't look all that great to me. 

Back in '98, during my sophomore year of high school, our boys' basketball team was the shiznit, mmkay? I remember Quentin Richardson being the first person I saw rocking these particular Js. Like I said before, Js weren't appealing to me...but these young ya digs were the flyest I had seen thus far! And they were in my favorite colors. Seeing those shoes everyday was like being around a married man. I could look...but I damn sure couldn't touch because I knew mom wasn't buying them for me. After a while, I stopped lusting for those shoes.

Fast forward to 2005. Those shoes I loved were retro'ed!

And I


 to have them.

So at the age of 22, I bought my first pair of Jordans for $100. One of my buddies who worked at a Finishline in Texas shipped them to me.

Damn right, I still got them.

I love the shoes so much, that I got another pair as a gift when they were retro'ed again in 2010. Same style and color. I may have worn them less than 10 times. I'm not ashamed, either.

As of today, I now have 5 pairs of Js. The latest pair are all black Jordan 1s. I searched high and low for some all black kicks (because none of my gyms shoes are in solid colors) and finally found some...and they were only $60. 

*fist pump*

Moral of the story?

There is none.

Happy Monday.

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