Basketball Chronicles: Bye!

Aside from hearing grown ass men whine, do you know what I really hate when I'm playing ball? What really shreds my cheese?!

When guys try to flirt with me while on the court.

Most annoying thing ever. It's never smooth. It's always lame.

I hate it.

This guy...we'll call him Shabba Ranks. So, Shabba and I ended up playing defense on each other during the first game we were on the court together. Before the game starts, he comes to stand next to me and put his foot next to mine; as if he was comparing our shoe size. I'm like "What are you doing?" and move out the way.

This was his lame way of flirting and I was NOT here for it.

So, we ended up playing defense on each other in another game. And... *sigh*

Shabba: So, if my team wins this game, I get to take you out.
Me: I don't place bets like that.
Shabba: Oh, so you do place bets?
Me: Not like that.

Man, if you don't getcho lame ass outta here and go put on some deodorant.

K to the...

Randomocity - 2.11.14

J-walking...or something.