Music Monday - 2.24.14

The relationship I have with The Foreign Exchange's music is similar to my relationship with Jill Scott's music. I was introduced to The Foreign Exchange via their second album "Leave It All Behind" and immediately fell in love with it.

I feel like their albums are telling a story from the first album until the last; a story to which I can relate. Below is how I interpret their albums:
  • "Connected"
    • Living and loving life
    • Trying to find one's purpose on Earth
  • -"Leave It All Behind"
    • In love with someone
    • Getting on each other's nerves
    • Wanting to give each other the world
    • May have found The One
  • "Authenticity"
    • The issues in the relationship are overbearing
    • Downs outweigh the Ups
    • Relationship ends
    • "WTF happened?"
  • "Love In Flying Colors"
    • You worked on yourself, realizing your flaws
    • Looking at the broken relationship as lesson learned, not a waste of time.
    • You love life again.
    • You survived
    • Ready to love
So below is my personal ranking of the studio albums from The Foreign Exchange:

  1. Leave It All Behind
  2. Love In Flying Colors
  3. Authenticity 
  4. Connected.
Can't wait till I see them in May! I turned my mom into a fan, so she'll be there right along with me. :-)

Happy Monday!

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