Randomocity - 2.11.14

Written last night, hence "2.11.14" in the title, and not today's date. Enjoy! 

  • I honestly forgot about Valentine's Day approaching.
  • February is the beginning of the baby boom for my crew.
  • Yes. Yes, I am rocking crop tops this summer thanks to this tattoo.
  • Sometimes when conversing with my mom, she gives me this look...of admiration. Like she's proud of the woman she raised; or she's seeing how though I'm a grown-up, I'm still her baby. I look forward to the day I can look at my child the way my mom looks at me. 
  • I love my body...even my slightly knocked knees.
  • My grandmother can't remember what she had for breakfast, but oddly remembers a conversation I had about me moving almost a month ago. The human brain is such an interesting organ.  
  • The city of Hammond...the county of Lake...the state of Indiana does not believe in salting and properly plowing the streets. It really unpeels my banana, son.
  • I miss working downtown. I'm working on getting back there.
  • I'm over winter.
  • New Orleans...I miss you!
  • Toronto...here I come!
  • "Now I know how to love somebody/I've learned love is out there for me/There's no way that love forgot/Love won't leave me out."
  • Thinking of retiring the "JUKBX" license plate. 
  • Yes, having an FWB* can be fun. But that ish gets boring...because it's just sex. I don't want anything more from you...boriiiiiinnnnnng.
  • Or is it just me?
  • Want to know if a guy who claims to be interested in you is on that shullbit? Ask a male friend. 
  • I love how my friends look forward to what has turned into an annual summer party at my crib. But last summer's party was so epic...I don't know if that can be topped. We kicked it from 10p - 4a. My patio was a mess. I had to shampoo my carpet.  
Because, I care.
  • I love my team.
  • I need my couch reupholstered.
  • That wasn't a euphemism. 
  • I said I wouldn't give up on Jhene Aiko...and I didn't. She has really grown on me.
  • The CFO thanked me for my work on the annual compliance audit at the gig. There were no issues in the audit report that was presented to the audit committee today. It meant a lot to me coming from him.
  • December 18, 2014 marks 10 years since I graduated from undergrad. Yikes!
  • RIP Whitney Houston

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