"There's nothing greater than the Sun"

There is something about waking up to the Sun peaking through my closed blinds that gives me hope in the morning. Hope that maybe the day on which I woke up will be better than the previous. Everyday this past week, I've looked forward to the Sun. Even on a cloudy day. 

With every sunrise is the beginning of a new day; a chance to start fresh. And on the day where the Sun is shining in all its glory; where I don't even have to turn the heat on in my car beause the Sun is outcheah; on a day when I feel some relief after dealing with simpletons who make me question how and why they make as much money as they do...Alzheimer's casts it's dark shadow over it. 

I'm tired.

Next week, it'll be a repeat.

I need a break.

K to the...

May Day!

Music Monday - 3.17.14