May Day!

So much has gone on in the past few weeks. Things that'll make me go "I should blog about this." But, I'm no blogger. I simply have a blog.

But I'm here. 

Unlike Spring in the Chicagoland area. 


So a lil catching up is in order. Let's see...

  • I had typed this hilarious post about my actions at Posh Entertainment's St. Patrick's Day party on my phone, right? Had to get out of the Blogger app for a minute for something. Return...and the post was deleted. I might still tell the story, though. It's quite entertaining and slightly embarrassing. 
  • I gave up cursing AND all sweets for Lent. The sweets was easy. But Lent was in the beginning of budgets season. Add to that new software on which we had to train people. A curse-worthy experience...and not one curse word was dropped. Not even under my breath. Won't HE do it?!
  • There is a bird that keeps trying to make a nest on my balcony. My balcony is facing a mini-forest. Trees galore. I knock that nest down and sweep away his crap everyday after work. Wait till I put these spikes up!
  • Due to the two international trips I'm taking this year and the birth of my godchild...the stove and I have become best friends. Matter of fact, I'm waiting on my dinner to be done as I type this. I refuse to got back to 80 hours at the gig, and take away time I can spend with my grandmother. So, something had to change. And hella money is being saved.
  • Speaking of my grandmother, though I never know if I'm going to encounter a Cooperative Mei-Mei or a Mean Mei-Mei (Somewhat mentioned in my last post. It got real bad, y'all), I really do look forward to our Funday Fridays.
  • Though my mom is the youngest of 3, I am proud of how she has stepped up like she is the oldest to take care of her mom. 
  • I admitted to my bff that I am so jaded when it comes to men. Until someone comes along with their actions matching their's all bull to me. I'm Sweet Brown to maugs saying ish just because it sounds good. I'll let this wall day.
  • I have a thing with sunlight, as you can tell if you read my last blogpost. I moved in another apartment that isn't facing any buildings and I love it. The previous apartment was rented to be closer to someone who is now an ex. Though I've been moved on from that situation, it feels good to not be in that space anymore.
  • My queen-size memory foam bed is my bae. We've been together a few weeks now and I love him. See you later, Brandon Edward Daniels.

K to the...


"There's nothing greater than the Sun"