The Godmother

Last month, my bff was home from Italy for a week for her baby shower. So I took a couple of days off and had a great staycation with the crew, the crew's babies (ovaries were like "HELLO!") and our sisters.

I also I went to Target 5 days in a row and didn't go broke.

5 days.

Won't who do it? HIM!

Prior to the baby shower, none of us knew what she was having, or the baby's name. All I knew was I was going to be Peanut's godmother. First she revealed the sex by cutting the cake. The color of the inside of the cake told us the sex.


Prior to cutting the cake (I think; was such a blur) she gave a box to her sister and myself to open. We were told to open the box after she cut the cake and read the baby's name.


I couldn't even read the name out loud because I was too busy crying. My g-baby and I share a middle name!!!

The baby is no longer Peanut. The baby is a girl named London Danielle...and I'm already in love with her. Not sure how I'm going to act when I see her after she is born.

My flight to Italy has been booked. Feel free to call me Vita Corleone.

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