True Life: I Don't Know How To... 7+7=14

Jump double dutch.

That's right!

And every summer I am reminded of this lil known un-scientific fact about my life.

When I was younger, my nickname was Tweety. Because of the constant teasing about my big head, I was extremely self-conscious about it. Therefore, I stayed away from anything that could hit my high-yellow forehead, leave a mark, and bring more attention to it. 

Sidenote: You'd think this would have kept me from playing basketball. 
You're wrong. 

So, there was this constant fear of being hit in the face with the rope while playing, which I couldn't overcome. Even when starting off standing in the rope, I couldn't get pass "2,4,6,8..."

So, yeah. My name is K.D....and I can't jump double dutch.

I might be one of the best turners, though. And I'll kick your auss in Chinese Jumprope.

K to the...

P.S. My mom, a child of the 60s, can still jump double dutch. And my lil sis can too. -__-

P.P.S. I'd kick both their ausses in Chinese Jumprope, though.

The more things change...

The Godmother