Basketball Chronicles: Unlike Kevin Gates...

...I'm getting tired.

Because I was woke at 5a Sunday morning (Will cover in another blogpost), I got to the gym extra early and was able to shoot around with no interruptions. There is this guy who is at the gym every Sunday. Whenever I'm shooting by myself, he always offers to rebound for me. I think it's really sweet of him of him to do that. So, because I'm able to just shoot and establish a rhythm, I'm nice and warmed up.

My warm-up pays off because I'm on fire during the first game. The game ends in a tie. Wanting to give myself a "heat check," I say that I'll shoot for the win. The other team shoots, and misses. So, this guy named Alex takes it upon himself to shoot for the win. He misses. No prob...I'll shoot when it's our team's turn again. The other team misses, so the ball bounces to this young ball hog whose name escapes me right now. I have my hands out asking for ball...he passes it to Alex. I say "I'm standing here for a reason." Alex misses the shot. Now, I'm pissed because this could have been over. Yes, I had that much confidence in my shot.

Now we're on the third round of shots, other team misses. Alex brings the ball over to me and puts it by my feet. I kick that shit away and say "Don't try to give it to me now!" Someone hit for our team (I guess it was him. I wasn't looking) because we got the win and are back on the court for the next game. He comes over and tells me that he thought it would be easier if the same person shot for ball. This is utter bullshit because the next time there is a tie game, he misses...then gives the ball to someone else on our team to shoot. Dude misses and we ended up on the sideline.

The other two times I was disrespected was by the same person who calls the same bullshit as "traveling" when I hit someone with a ball fake and dribble around to shoot a shot that will brings my team closer to a win. It's never called when it's the beginning of the game. This is how I know the call is false. So he makes the call and then gets loud, because to him, if he's the loudest...then he's correct. Sunday when he made the call, I had a teammate to speak up for me so I didn't have to say anything. But Monday, I told him about himself. When I continued to talk as he does, then he wants to cut me off. I told him it's OK for him to continue talking about a play, but if someone does it to him, now they have to shut up.

Do you know two games later, he was still talking about that one play? On the sideline whining. I heard him and asked "You're still talking about that?"

I'm tired. I'm tired of the disrespect. I'm tired of these grown ass men cheating. I'm tired of hearing whining from these men who are quick to say another dude is "acting like a female". I'm tired of wondering if some dude is going to get in his feelings because he's threatened by my presence on the court and wants to call false calls.

I'm tired.

K to the...


Dear Gym Rats:

Nike loves Chicago