Questions - 2.21.15

**Written on Saturday.**

This blogpost could have been written while I was on the train, heading to work. But because I'm torn between doing homework and taking a I am. I randomly decided before falling asleep on Mardi Gras night to give up all social media for Lent (along with candy). So, I use some of that idle time that was spent on social media to write in my little notepad.

Geez, what a lame.


So, in honor of Vibe magazine and indecisiveness...I present to you 20 Questions.


  1. Why can't I sleep past 9a when my alarm clock is off?
  2. Am I old?
  3. Did they ever find out who let those dogs out?
  4. Whose version of "Creepin" is better: Luther or Stevie?
  5. Is Lil Wayne ever gonna release Tha Carter V?
  6. What do my neighbors "like" me to blast more: "Songs in the Key of Life" or "Innervisions"?
  7. Why didn't Drake give us a date and time so we'd know if we'd be late? 
  8. Why aren't there are more recreational basketball leagues for women? 
  9. Who told Nike to stop selling my fave hoopin shoe in my size?
  10. Who else is ready for Winter to get the hell up outta here?


**OK, so I could only think of 10. Maybe I should take that nap.**

K to the...



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