March Madness...or som'n

Can you believe it's already March?? I swear, 2015 just started!

Downside: I have another month and a half to pay 2014 Indiana county taxes since my employer is in IL and those taxes aren't deducted from my check. *shakes fists* How the hell am I supposed to buy that Bentley now!?

Upside: I'm officially halfway through my certification program. AAAAANNNND My bff is home for good!!! Guess whose g-baby is used to her, now?

Will I be writing Babysitting The G-Baby Chronicles?
Will I ever be able to watch TV on my couch without falling asleep?
Is Jamal Lyons on "Empire" really that girl's father?

Stay tuned for the next episode of "Bish, whet?!"

K to the...

Sh*t I'd Post On Social Media If It Wasn't Lent

Questions - 2.21.15