Shit I'd Post On Social Media If It Wasn't Lent pt. trois

"Sometimes you need a 90-second dance break to Nelly's 'Na-Nana-Na'. I hit that damn Chickenhead/Monastery like it was nobody's business."

"I think the world needs a new Jazzy Phizzle Product-shizzle, My nizzle. Oh boy!"

Rocking blue at "Rock The RED" #thuglife

"Don't understand calling someone a 'ho' after you've been with them. At some point that 'ho' was your wife. At some point you were in love with that 'ho'. STHU and move on."

Happy 2nd Birthday to my babies! :-D

"'Hood Politics' is like 'Cut You Off pt. 2'"

"Why didn't anyone tell me 'The Little Rascals' is streaming on Netflix Kids?! This is such a wonderful discovery!"

"If I can prep my apt for a party full of drunken adults who spill liquor, surely I can prep my apt for a play date with a 7-month-old, a 9-month-old and two 13-month-olds.

Look at me saying "13-month-olds' instead of '1-year-olds'. #godmotherswag #LaMadrina #BawseStatus "

"As someone who has a plastic bag full of plastic bags in my crib...I must say I've noticed a change. The durability of plastic bags has decreased exponentially in the past few months. I see you, Food 4 Less. I see you."

"This week, someone's 7-month-old goddaughter started waving when you say 'hi'. See...she already got the follow-thru hand motion. 2036 WNBA Draft pick. I'm tryna told y'all!"

"I hate Dwight Howard's haircut."

"No my name ain't baby. It's Kenya. AnditaintMissJacksonifyounastycuzthatsmymomsnameandthatsgross. Kenya will do just fine. Thanks."

"I roll my eyes when the camera constantly goes to her forever-grooving-at-awards-show ass. Like, OK we get it...she is enjoying herself. But I am seriously enjoying this Taylor Swift '1989' album."

"I'll stop listening to this Kendrick one day."

K to the...

Basketball Chronicles: It's Like I have ESP(N)

Sh*t I'd Share if It Wasn't Lent