Sh*t I'd Post On Social Media If It Wasn't Lent

"So, SAE..."

"My goddaughter just started crawling and but if you stand her up and hold both hands, she walks. Well on her way to being the #1 pick in the 2036 WNBA draft"

My hair is official the longest it's been all my life.

"So we clowning at Rock The RED again this year? #squadup" *tags my gangsta boos*

"D. Rose needs to do yoga."

"If we can just get Karrueche, Chris Brown, Tyga, all of the Kardashians and Wiz Khalifa the fawk outta here for the rest of the year..."

"Time to go sniff my g-baby."

"Why are Lebron's shoes $200? I'm not paying $200 for no hooping shoe, dammit!"

Had to buy some basketball shoes in kids sizes because Nike doesn't wanna make my go-to shoe in my size anymore. Well, whenever I get upset, I guess can just look down at my bright auss feet and smile. 

"Last time I got down with my boo PATrick RONald for a day party, I woke up the next morning in pain from all the dancing. So, what do I do different on Saturday: No drinking or no dancing #realissue LOL"

Bring dat sexy auss here!

"Nick Gordon sounds like he's crying throughout this interview...and not one tear has fallen. Get this nigga some help!"

K to the...

Sh*t I'd Post On Social Media If It Wasn't Lent pt.deux

March Madness...or som'n