Basketball Chronicles: It's Like I have ESP(N)

Around this time last year, I got into a heated argument with a guy at the gym. Dude reminds me of Patty Mills who plays with the Spurs.

So that’s what I’ll be calling him throughout the post.

Patty and I were on opposing teams, and he's yapping the entire game. His team hits a “game-winner” when really, the shot only put them up by 1 point. After a lot of back-and-forth, I just take the loss and go sit down. I’m Sweet Brown to the excessive arguing.

As I’m gathering my items to go home, Patty proceeds to come to sit


by me and continues talking. He goes “These mother****ers…,” and before he could even finish his statement, I calmly go “First of all, I’m no mother***er. I am a grown woman, so you will address me as such.” He’s still talking, being loud and disrespectful…and I’m steady reiterating that he will address me as the woman that I am with some respect. I'm calm, but I'm fuming on the inside because he has came over by me with the intention of starting mess. The one? I am not.

He must have gotten the point that I was making because ever since that day, he is nice to me every time I've seen him; even when I run into him outside of the gym. I’ve seen him get into arguments with multiple people, but he has yet to try that with me again.

Usually when I get into arguments with guys, they ALWAYS try to flirt sometime later. Never. Fails. Well, Patty made a move on me while we were on the court this past Sunday. -__- Before the game begins, he tells me that he might be an asshole on the court, but he’s a sweetheart in person. I just laugh it off. Then the following happens:

Patty: So can I get those digits? Can I take you out sometime?

Me: Don’t you have a baby on the way? Which means you have a boo, right?

Patty: Well, we can go on a dinner date. Can we go on a lunch date? [Note: Our jobs aren't that far from each other. We've run into each while on lunch.]

Me: *scoffs*

As we were all gathering our items so we can leave, my phone was next to me on the bench. He picks it up and goes “I’m just going to put my number in your phone now.” He sees my phone is locked and goes “I don’t even know your passcode.”

And you won't know my number either. Beat it!

K to the...

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