Hey June!

Seems like I was just maxing some Beggar's Pizza while sipping the finest Cabernet Sauvignon while waiting for 2015 to arrive. Look at us now...almost halfway through the year.

I'm officially out of hibernation due to warm weather showing up in Chicago, and having only two classes left until I am certified to teach yoga.

Less than a week after I am done with my classes, I will be on the beach, working on abandoning my light-skinned sisteren and brethren for a few months. I haven't been on a vacation since Italy last September. So this trip, and suntan is long overdue.

A year ago, I was falling in love with someone. Today, I'm falling more in love with myself. Flaws and all.

And my locs are growing.

Post shampoo...pre shrinkage.

Ya bish!

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