Now what?

I didn’t want to let the month of July go by without me updating the blog. There has been so much going on that I can blog about, but after I say to Self “I could blog about this,” something else happens that I can blog about. It's like monkey brain...but outside the brain. hahahaha

Last time I wrote, I mentioned how I got started with my certification class. I'm certified to what?

Well, because of people going on vacation and other summertime activities that occur, summer isn’t a good time to start a class. So, right now, I’m subbing when needed and posting to



I really like posting pics and videos, guiding others through poses. I’ve had people ask questions, and I’ve also learned about different ways to do different poses. Though I can teach others, that doesn’t mean that I stop learning, ya know?

I’m also really enjoying the now. Yes, I look forward to upcoming trips or events that are planned, but I also enjoy what goes on in the present. Mediation really helps me with that because in those 5 minutes of stillness, I’m getting rid of any mental trash that clouds my thinking.

As a gift to myself for certification, I got some new ink on my leg. My biggest tattoo…and the 3rd one from the very talented Ryan Henry at 9Mag Tattoo Studio. When I arrived at my appointment, he was like “So I heard you’re going big with this one?” He LOVES doing big tattoos, especially on fresh skin. He was able to go ham with this one…and that he did! You’d think I would have gotten a yoga-related tattoo since this was a gift to myself for finishing my certification class. Well, the lotus that I have is yoga-related…so that’s handled.

But I had to get something that said so much about me without me having to say anything. I thought a customized Chicago flag was perfect. The placement of my zodiac sign and basketball is intentional. And I love it. Totally worth the pain.

Well, I randomly decided that I want to run a 5K that my gym has every year. Not a big deal, right? Wrong! I hate running when I’m not on a basketball court. I’d rather ride a bike for a 3.1 miles than run. The name of the 5K is “Anyone Can Do A 5K”. Why not me? Training begins tomorrow (Today, as you read this). Y’all pray my strenf!

Rest well, Ellean "Elaine" Wafford-Williams and Sandra Bland.

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