Hoopin Chronicles: Petty LaBelle

As the Sunday morning hoop session was winding down, I end up on a team with some young dude who isn't part of the usual Sunday morning crew. The first game, we won mainly off his 2-pointers that he was launching and another guy. Yep...he only passed to one other person on the team. Me trying to get open was basically pointless. I didn't touch the ball at all during the game.

So, the 2nd game starts. I don't even bother trying to get free; I'm just an on-court spectator. He dribbles towards me and gets trapped. There are two guys on him, and my man is on me. He makes the dumb pass and the ball is turned over. He says "You gotta keep going" or some ish. I'm like "I've been moving around all game (referring to the first one). Why don't you pass the ball? You have 4 other teammates."

Then he goes "This is why I don't play with girls." And repeated it!

Oh, nigga.


I said "I'm no girl. I'm a grown woman. Watch your mouth."

For the rest of the game, he didn't say shit else to me. He was actually passing the ball to me. I hit a two and someone yelled "That's a grown woman right there!" Every time he made a dumb mistake I would yell "Damn, I hate playing with girls."

We lost the game.

But, I won.

Petty LaBelle
K to the...


"...maybe we can start again."

Tre'd up.