Bifcake Chronicles:

Seeing a "filtered message" in your Facebook inbox saying "I love you" from an ex who is currently married is not flattering. And it's disrespectful to his wife. I wish I had seen the message when it was sent 4 months ago so I could have hit him with the "Nigga please, if you don't get the fuh..."

*I really miss when only people with whom I'm Facebook friends could send me messages.*

I don't read daily horoscopes. However, I'm a firm believer in our

astrological signs

saying a lot about who we are as individuals, and with whom we are romantically compatible. The disrespectful nincompoop was born under one of the signs with whom I am NOT compatible.


So, to the men that were born under Pisces and Virgo (another incompatible sign), this Sagittarian has only one thing to say to you:

K to the...

P.S. My last three relationships were with guys under Pisces or Virgo. No mas! No mas!

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