Cubicle Chronicles: No Fines Here

I really think it’s rude when people walk in the office and don’t say good morning.

Especially if they are your coworkers.

And y’all in the same department that consists of only 4 people.

And nobody drinks coffee, so the “I need my coffee first” excuse can’t be used.

This is what I deal with every day with one of my coworkers. Unless he has a question, he’ll walk by my desk multiple times a day*, and not utter a word to me. He easily speaks to my other coworker, Ditzy Daisy (who started with him a year and a half ago), and the ladies that sit across the aisle from us who are part of another department.

Also, he’s is just like Issa’s whispering coworker on “Awkward Black Girl.” So, not only do you act like I slept with you last night**, but I have to stop breathing to hear what you’re saying, too?!

Dis tew much.

Before Mr. Whisper In Your Ear and Ditzy Daisy arrived, our team dynamic was great! Now? Not so much. And I've stopped trying to make it better. Now that I’ve realized there is a generational gap between my coworkers and I (30s vs late 40s/early 50s), the differences between how they work vs how I work are making more sense to me. You want to ask someone in another department for help, causing them to vent to me about how much you’ve annoyed them in the past hour because you didn't ask me for help? Cool!

Not speak to me? Super!

I’m just here so I don’t get fined.

K to the…

*Though I can’t see him walk by my desk, I can hear him due to whatever he has in his pockets that jingles.
**When I didn’t say good morning to my grandmother a kid, she would say “Did I sleep with you last night?” I still don't get it, Mei-Mei! I‘ve said good morning to people the morning after I’ve slept w-…wait, what are we talking about here?


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