35 Things about my 35th Birthday Trip

  1. The weather
  2. The eye candy
  3. The accents
  4. All-inclusive
  5. Dancehall routines with Jamaicans and keeping up with them
  6. Meditating while laying in a hammock
  7. The bartender, Kemar, keeping me right at the 24-hr bar
  8. The view every morning when I opened my eyes
  9. Drinking while in the pool
  10. Eating foods I never ate before
  11. Appleton rum
  12. Catching up on 3 months of Essence mag in the sun
  13. Having genuine convos with strangers from different countries
  14. My birthday dress
  15. Meeting two other ladies who were celebrating their birthdays
  16. Flirting with the son of one of those ladies and his mother encouraging it
  17. My body in the birthday dress
  18. ATV riding
  19. Zip lining through the forest
  20. Tubing on the river
  21. Authentic Jamaican cuisine
  22. The entire restaurant singing “Happy Birthday” to me
  23. “NO MORE!” to the ladies who kept bringing me champagne
  24. Watching a steel drum band perform live for the first time
  25. Seeing a “3” hat setting off my Chicago spidey senses (The group was from Chicago...Bronzeville)
  26. Knowing a man was from Detroit or Chicago by the way he dressed (It was Chicago)
  27. A lazy day of hanging on the beach and then by the pool
  28. The lazy day bartender, Demar, and that smile
  29. “Empreeeesssssss” (girlfriend)
  30. A lady telling me Canadians don’t last long in bed, after juicin' two of them on the trip
  31. A spliff giving me the giggle fits on my last night
  32. Never feeling lonely, though I took the trip solo dolo
  33. “I saw you in that black & white dress the other night. Are you a model?” -Someone’s White Auntie
  34. The love from everyone who made my trip memorable as I said goodbye.
  35. This glorious suntan, along with 137 mosquito bites

WHAT A TRIP! ☺️☺️☺️

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