Bifcake Chronicles: Plenty of NAWL

On the last Friday of 2017, due to pure boredom while waiting on a technician to repair the furnace, I created an account on Plenty of Fish (POF). I did this strictly for entertainment. Well, it was a mixture of entertainment and "If you don't get the fuh..."

I only had my account for 48 hours (LOL) because it's only so many ridiculously lame intros I can take. One dude was so ridiculous with his intro, I had to ask “Is this a serious question?”

What did he ask?

If I had to put in a lot of effort to be as beautiful as I am (ya know, using make-up and everything), or is it natural?

*pours wine on phone*

Another dude asked what I was doing June 2018, because he was going to wine and dine me, then take me to Jamaica, and some other fantasy ish. Then he said we’d live “somewhat happily ever after.”


I can't be fully happy!?

In the “Conversation Starter” section of my profile, I stated “Yes, I play basketball. No, you can’t play for my heart,” because maugs think they are so clever with that “Love & Basketball” quote.

One guy asked “Can you play ball or do you just like to watch?”

Reading is fundamental, man.

Another guy said it didn’t seem like I played ball…because I was too cute to sweat.

*throws phone in toilet*

I personally know someone who met their spouse on POF.

That won't be me, though.

And I'm OK with that.

Happy New Year #nshit

K to the…


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