Bifcake Chronicles: T-I-Red

I’m tired of men.

I’m tired of men wasting my unlimited text messages.

I’m tired of men who are really f*ckboys, and the people who enable their f*ckboy behavior.

I’m tired of men not respecting the f*cking boundaries I set. Do I seriously have to go Ella Jackson on men, and risk being called a bitch, for them to understand that I mean what I said?!

While getting my day pordee on this weekend, I received a text from someone I hadn't heard from since August. Back then, I clearly told him I wasn't interested in being his girl. Anybody who is a fan of "Dr." Umar Johnson is not someone I want to be with. I clearly stated we can still be cool or cordial when we see each other; no hard feelings.

Back to Saturday, after realizing who it is (number was no longer in my phone), I responded with pleasantries and there was some back and forth. At some point, the correspondence takes a turn for the worst:

So now, his number is blocked.

I. Am. Tired!

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