Randomocity - 1.22.18

-Since the start of the new year, the time I spend on Facebook and Instagram has decreased dramatically. I don't scroll much to see what's going on in other folks' lives. I'll scroll for a few posts, then exit. If I post something, I'm coming back only to respond to comments. I know I am missing out on a lot. And I’m OK with that.

-I saw someone post a question on FB asking what is the latest folk want to start having kids. This made me think about what 22-year-old KD’s plans were. By this age, my oldest should be in kindergarten by now; and I should be celebrating somewhere between 5 - 10 years of marriage this year.


-A status from 2017 popped up in my FB memories last week about men asking women, on the first date, if they've had an abortion. Guys were commenting on my status trying to justify why someone would ask that question (Newsflash: You can't justify why someone would ask that question) and it made me think of the previous beau telling me what he adores about me and goes:

"...and you haven't had any abortions. Wait, you haven't had any abortions, right?"

Me: "That's never an appropriate question to ask. How would you feel if I asked if you paid for any abortions?"

-"Why? What's the worst thing R. Kelly has ever done?" - question asked by a man at a party this past weekend after I said R. Kelly on, so I'm not dancing at the moment.

-I had a conversation with an 88-year-old at my gym about dating as a widower. If I was at least 45 years older, I'd definitely hang out with him. He was so cool.

-Last year, on Ash Wednesday last year, I said I was going to be in New Orleans for Mardi Gras in 2018. I'm 3 weeks away from being in my favorite city. Someone else will have to pass out beads at the gig this year.

-DJ Envy and Charlamagne Tha God sounded soooooo ignorant while interviewing Amara La Negra on The Breakfast Club. Ugh!

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