Mardi Gras 2018 Pt Deux: "It's 'burr-GUN-dee'"

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Aaaaahh...the reason I'm here has arrived.

The day to just have fun, and indulge. I was going to hit up Zulu, hang out a bit after the parade, get some grub, then hit Bourbon Street until the police clear the streets at midnight. I had my Timbs in the trunk ready because you just don't wear your good shoes on Bourbon Street. I had no intentions of bringing those boots back to Chicago.

Well, the day went 75% as planned. And those boots came back with me. LOL

The Zulu parade starts at 8a. I knew I had some time before the parade got to where I'd be posted. However, I wanted to make sure I had a decent parking spot, as well. So I left out around 830a and hit up Winn Dixie for my drank of the day. I decide to get it crackin' with Kraken and Coke. I found a parking spot about half a mile from where my new aunties told me to meet them. I po' up enough to last for a few hours of sipping, and walk to the spot. Sure enough, my aunties were where they said they would be. I met some of their fam and close friends and was introduced as the "niece from Chicago."

As we're waiting on the parade, we're talking about the goings-on of the previous night. I go "I parked on Burgundy and walked over to Canal Street for the parades." They laughed. Down there, that word is pronounced with the accent on the second syllable. I mentioned where I parked that day, and said "OR-lins." They let me know it's "or-LEENS". For the rest of our time together, I'd randomly go up to them and say "It's 'or-LEENS' and 'bur-GUN-dee." Once the rum hit me and I kept saying "we outcheah" they were like "You got it!" Good times, man.

The parade finally shows up around 1230p. Of course, it's live! Laughs, pics with strangers, getting toys from the floats for kids behind was just like being around hella family. And the weather was perfect! A big difference from the day before.

After the parade ends, I head to hang out under the bridge (I-10 overpass). I finally got to see the Mardi Gras Indians in action, and man were they pretty!

I watched Skip, Big Freedia's former dancer, perform his Wikki Line slide. I couldn't get it. Also, I'm Krak'ed up! LOL He posted a pic of him performing, on IG, with a caption that read "Me performing at MARDI GRAS under Bridge. GOD is Good! IT was Movie." I hope he wasn't talking about HIS performance was a movie. I was right there, man. It was more like a Vine clip. But, ya know...whatever.



After this, things get fuzzy. I had to look at significant locations in my phone to track when I got to certain places. I didn't make it to Bourbon Street. This is why I brought those Timbs back to Chicago. LOL I got back to the B&B around 1030p, maxed some Wendy's and crashed. X_X 

I wasn't leaving until Thursday, so I still had two extra days to enjoy the city. I browsed and ate lunch at the French Market, ate beignets at Cafe Beignet, and went to see the Pelicans play the Lakers later that night. A real chill day.

Before heading to the airport on Thursday,  I went back to the French Quarter. Had lunch on Bourbon St while listening to some live music, drank half of a Hand Grenade (Remember, I said I washed in Part 1? X_X) then walked through Louis Armstrong Park. Within the park is Congo Square, where the slaves gathered on Sundays to sing and dance. I sat on the bench in silence, just thinking about what it was like for them to have that one day to express themselves freely. I left the park, drove around, giving myself a tour of the city to help pass the time before heading to the airport.

While at the airport, Auntie Wanda called to see if I made it home, safely. We had some good laughs about Tuesday's shenanigans. Regardless of me going to Dallas or she coming to Chicago this year, we will be seeing each other next year in New Orleans. 

March 5, 2019.

Room already booked.

Ya heard meh?

K to the...

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