Control Yo Bitch: A Rant About West Loop Dog Owners

Studies have shown…OK, not really. I believe one of the prerequisites to live in the West Loop is to own a dog. There is no grass along the street I walk each morning, so it’s normal for me to see dogs relieving themselves in the middle of the sidewalk. I see a minimum of 5 piss trails every morning while walking to work.

Then, there are the dog owners who half-ass pick up their dogs poop; or don’t pick it up at all. It’s worse when there is snow on the ground. The dog owners just say “Eff it” and leave the poop chillin on top of the snow.

Shit has gotten out of control...literally.

I used to love seeing dogs walking with their owners. Then one day, I was strolling to work in the West Loop, when out of a nowhere, some dog almost runs into me. What irritated me about this instance is THE DOG WAS ON A LEASH! I thought the purpose of a leash was to control the dog.

Now when I'm walking to work, I don’t move out the way for the dog. You betta yank that leash to get your dog out of my way, or deal with it being kicked as I'm walking. I’m not apologizing either. Teach your dog some manners.

Control yo' bitch, B!

K to the...

Call me "Michaela"...

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