Call me "Michaela"...

Since childhood, I haven’t felt entirely comfortable with being in or near bodies of water. In high school, I did the bare minimum to pass swimming class – floating and maybe some breathing underwater. That was about it.

Fast forward some 20 years later.

After seeing a fellow Bradley alum post a pic on Facebook after her swim class at the same gym I go to on the regular, I knew it was time to stop shullbitting. I immediately went on Speedo’s website to order a one-piece swimsuit, a swim cap and some goggles. A couple of days later, I registered for a 6-week adult swim class.

Well, I am happy to write that I officially know how to freestyle swim, and I can float on my stomach and back. I signed up for another 6-week session so I can continue to work on my breathing while swimming, and treading. Our instructor stated she wants to teach us how to breaststroke and backstroke in the next session.


I’m so excited about this new skill I have learned. Now, not only can I look good in my bikini, but I can also not worry about drowning! I'm definitely going to find Nemo while snorkeling and/or jump off a cliff into river during my next island vacation.

Just call me Michaela Phelps.

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