Bifcake Chronicles: Compromise?

I had a conversation with a childhood friend a couple of weeks ago about some of everything in regards to relationships until 4a. He asked me if I think I can make someone change in a relationship, and my answer was an immediate "No." Someone has to want to change. Only thing I have control over is whether or not I want to stick around. From control we started talking about compromising. I stated one can compromise on how they DO things in a relationship, however they shouldn't have to compromise on WHO they are at the core.

Eartha Kitt did an interview years ago about love and relationships. The interviewer asked her if she'd be willing to compromise if a man came into her life and she cackled. I didn't understand why she laughed so hard when I first saw the clip a few years ago. I used to think that's what relationships were all about. Then relationships happened, and, looking back, I see how I was compromising and/or asked to compromise WHO I was to make my partner feel better about himself. Eff that ess!

No man or woman should have to dim their star to make their partner comfortable. Like Brand Nubian says, they can either love you or leave you alone. 

K to the...

Forgive...and remember