Bifcake Chronicles: Hiding in plain sight

The next time I'm involved with someone, I will not be posting pics of them on social media; unless it's long-term.


It's not that social media has jacked up my relationships. I just don't have time for the fake-concern. And I got a lot of that during and after the last relationship thanks to us having hella mutual friends (Thanks WYHS!).

One of my peeps has her beau hiding in plain sight on social media and it is so smooth. She mainly posts with her beau in IG stories; notice, those are temporary. And when he does show up in her posts, they don't really look all boo'ed up. He just looks like one of her male besties. 

The finesse!

So I'm going to take a queue from her. Those who need to know about an "us" will know. 

K to the...

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