Champagne Diet

The majority of 2017 was rough. It started with a routine dentist appointment in March, and ended with 2 root canals, a bridge replacement, a tooth extraction and bridge for the area of the missing tooth by September. I had about $12,000 of work done last year, with no dental insurance. The dentist I had been going to on the regular for the past 10 years had screwed me over, and I had to pay for it...literally. Thanks to good credit, I was able to get most of the work financed. However, that meant that was another bill for me to pay.

I have a spreadsheet that shows what bills are getting paid with each paycheck I will receive for the next few months. Whenever I look at the total to be paid with each check, I want to pout. Not because I am lacking what I NEED. It’s because after all those bills are paid, I can’t do or buy what I WANT. Whenever I’m about to pout I go “…but all of your bills are paid on time, you still have a little to put to the side, and you still have your edges.” And you know what, Self? You’re right.

Ever since Memorial Day Weekend, I have been sipping on champagne or prosecco when I want to have a libation. Why? Because through it ALL, I’m still alive...and my edges are still flourishing.

**Look, my hair is naturally thin. My edges sticking with me for the past 35 years an accomplishment, dammit! They deserve to be celebrated too!**

So, for the rest of this summer, I am on a champagne diet. It's a celebration bitcheeeessssssssssssss!

Happy Friday!

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