Cubicle Chronicles: Best Dressed

For the past 11 months, I have been more intentional. Instead of setting intentions in only my yoga practice, I’ve been setting intentions for myself off the mat.

I have been more intentional with my workout (Hey biceps!).

I have been more intentional about smiling, and making others smile.

I have been more intentional about sitting down (Hey Netflix!).

I have been more intentional about who I let in my circle.

I have been more intentional about time management at work since I am a manager, now (Hey pay raise!).

And since my promotion at the gig, I’ve been intentional on being the best dressed manager in that bih! And if I’m not the best dressed...”I’m the closest one.”

Word to Hov. 

As summer came to an end, and it was time to switch out the closets, a lot of items that were in the closet last Fall/Winter didn’t make the cut for this year – work and casual. I have three oversized garbage bags of clothes and shoes. You know what that means, right?


Well, this re-up has included way more business attire than casual in my online shopping carts. The dress code at work is business casual. However, there are people at work who are rocking entire denim outfits on a Tuesday.

Not I. I’ve been going to work looking more like Ella Mae’s protege, lately. Not just with clothes, but outerwear as well. Now, I don’t have enough swag to rock the full length fur on CTA like Mei-Mei. I’m definitely on the right path, though. Give me about 15 years.

K to the


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