Last week, I was upset about something and I briefly ranted about it to my girls. After I got it all out, I said "I’m in my feelings about it right now. I will get over it.” And maybe an hour later, I did. If this was 10 years ago, I would have been like “I’m cool," but mentally, I’d be in shambles. 

Eff that ess!

If I feel myself getting upset about something, I acknowledge the feeling, then ask “So what are you going to do about it? Dwell on it, address it, or just move on?” Doing that has made life a little bit easier for me. I think it also helps me to be more sympathetic (or empathetic?) towards others.  

My g-babies are each other’s best friend. While in the womb, Landon (GB2) would get excited when he’d hear London's (GB1) voice. So, it’s no surprise they are as close as they are.

*queue “Aaaaaawwww”

Last week, GB1 had to use the bathroom and GB2 wanted to be in the bathroom with her. I’ve written before about kids deserving respect of their space. I escorted GB2 out the bathroom and closed the door so GB1 can have privacy. GB2 was soooo hurt and was crying crocodile tears until she came out the bathroom. Now, I might not agree with how GB2 expressed his feelings (How else is 2-year-old supposed to react? Write a letter?), however I fully understand he was hurt that his bess fren was out of his sight for those 2-3 minutes and G-mommy was not opening that door for him.

I guess I'm writing this to remind anyone reading this that your feelings are valid. Don't lie to yourself or others. Happy, upset, disrespected, honored, hurt...acknowledge it. Those feelings are YOURS, and nobody can tell you how you should feel. And if they do try, tell them to feel DEEZ NUTS.

K to the…


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