1 quarter, 3 months, 92 days

The homie, Luvvie, posed a question on her IG story, a week or two ago, asking if folk could go 3 months without being on social media.

And, I hit “yes.”

I had given up social media for Lent multiple times…what’s an extra 45 days?

A lot, Kenya…a lot. Especially after the summer you had, and what you’ve shared on social media. Have you seen your IG? Your IG stories history, bih?

So, here I am on Day 2 (I started a day early) of my social media break. The spirit of joy and celebration I have had this year will definitely continue as the year comes to an end. Why would it stop? The holidays and my birthday are in Q4. Come on, now!

What am I hoping to accomplish during this break? Well, I want to finally finish the 2nd book in the Game of Thrones series. Have you seen how thick the books are!? I deserve all the praise when this happens.

Also, I’ll finally get to see what The Shaderoom’s website looks like. I have to keep up on my celebrity gossip.

Don’t judge me.

I’ll still be updating my blog, though. Maybe more than usual…who knows.

K to the

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