Straightening up

For the past few months, when I’m done playing ball, I’d feel discomfort in my knees and around my Achilles tendon. I thought I was going to have to stop playing, altogether; maybe just be Shootaround Sally when I feel an urge to get some shots up. I didn’t previously have any issues with my knees or Achilles tendons until I decided to try long distance running in 2015, which I stopped doing a year later. I figured I was getting old and just needed to hang up my Kyries.

Then, I got a chiropractic assessment and x-rays of my spine.

During the assessment, I saw that 6 more lbs of weight is carried on my left leg, than my right leg. Why? Because my hips are out of balance. The imbalance in my hips has been the cause of the issues in my knees and ankles. It wasn’t all bad news during the assessment, though. The doc said there doesn’t seem to be an issue with any ligaments in my knees (No KD Rose, here), I have good flexibility in my hamstrings and almost perfect posture (Thanks yoga!). If you look at the x-ray taken from my side, my spine is almost in perfect alignment…

Until you get to my neck.

This past spring and summer, my allergies were more intense than usual. Usually, I’d take a Claritin tab and I’d be cool for almost a month. This year, I felt like I was taking one every week. Well, after seeing an x-ray of my neck, I saw why my allergies were a wreck this year.

The proper term for what’s going on with me is spinal subluxation – misalignment of the vertebrae. Check out this interactive spine display that shows how subluxation of certain vertebrae affects different parts of the body. It’s so cool.

Since that assessment, I have been going to the chiropractor twice a week for exercise therapy and chiropractic adjustments. I also do exercises at home and at work. It’s been 3 weeks and I’m already feeling a difference. I feel good after I play ball. I’m able to dance with my g-babies without feeling pain. And, I can actually get a lil lower when reggae music comes on. 😉

I figured I had to deal with the aches that came as I get older. I’m so glad I was wrong. I know I’m getting older, but I definitely don’t want to feel older.

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