Yogi Chronicles: What now?

Last week made 3 years since I completed my certification to be a yoga instructor. Going through the certification was an eye-opening experience. However, after certification has been just as eye-opening; if not more. There was a goal I shared with my instructor in regards to how far I wanted to go with teaching. For me to get to that goal, I need to be teaching somewhere on the regular. 


While I was an Indiana resident, all of my peeps were still living in Chicago, but would make the trek to Indy on Tuesday evenings for my beginners' class. While I appreciate my besties & mom coming to class when they could, I understood why the drive to Indiana was a struggle; especially during rush hour. After, maybe, 2-3 months of teaching, I no longer had enough students on a consistent basis to have my own class. I've taught a few 6-week one-on-one sessions, and I've taught youth the past 2 years during my sorority's annual Youth Symposium service project. Other than that, I haven't been teaching yoga consistently.

I got sent off by a park district in the south suburbs and a community center in the city in regards to teaching. Once interest is shown after attending a few of my FREE yoga classes, I was told yoga would be added to the fitness program. Cool. When it's time to make things official, I can't get a returned phone call or response to numerous emails sent.

It just seems like I'm committed to teach, however, folk aren't committed to giving me a chance to teach; and PAY ME.


I'm not going to giving up, though. In the words of Auntie Jenifer Lewis (and possibly my next tattoo) - "Not even me can stop me."

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